‘Groove’ dance class

Groove is a super easy dance class – we dance together with really simple moves to great music. If you enjoy dancing at parties but not learning lots of steps; if you want to develop more confidence dancing in a supportive and fun environment; if you want to be active without the ‘full on workout’ or if you have danced a lot but fancy a freer experience then Groove could be for you!

Sapien Yoga (vinyasa flow)

A joyful juxtapose of fiery flowing movements and restful relaxation and mindfulness. In this moderate/fast paced vinyasa flow class we’ll improve stamina, strength, balance and flexibility, focusing on technique and alignment, whilst simultaneously restoring a sense of calm and wellbeing.

Suitable for beginners and people of all ages, but a general level of fitness/mobility is required (If you have any physical limitations please see Thursday’s listing for a gentler class, or get in touch to discuss which class might work best for you)

Book online at http://www.sapientraining.com/service-page/yoga-flow

The cost for one class is £10, but a 10 class pass is available for £80 (£8 per class) and this can be used to attend a mix & match of classes at Sapien Training.